Introducing: Quicksend

It’s been a good while since I shipped… well anything. I completed Replayer in 2013 and eventually updated it to 1.1 two years later. Other than that, my nine-to-five took over the part of my brain responsible for shipping. Oh and the parts responsible for brainstorming and coding too.

That’s a shame though. Shipping is fun. Putting a name on something. Polishing it just enough. Releasing into the wild. Getting one-star reviews. No but really, it’s a good feeling. Which is why I want back in the game.

I’ve had a bunch of ideas floating around my head over time. For some reason, despite all the fun new platforms coming in (did you know phones are now “smart”?), most of them revolve around the Mac.

I’ll look into the smartphone thing, don’t you worry. But for now, just to get my feet wet… again - here’s Quicksend.

What’s a Quicksend?

Quicksend is a super simple statusbar app for uploading & sharing files via Amazon S3.

Here’s how it works:

Quicksend instructions

After a successful upload you get a notification and the public URL is copied to the clipboard. The primary use case - for me at least - is instant sharing of screenshots or mockups over chat.

“Why duplicate what’s already there in CloudApp or Dropbox?” - you ask? For me personally, it’s an opportunity to play around with AWS and get acquainted with Swift. For a potential Quicksend user, you retain control of the storage of your files and - as a result - the costs.

Version 0.1

Quicksend is at a very early stage right now, hence the 0.1 version number. The complete functionality was explained in the previous paragraph. The app is - and will remain - free.

My primary goal was getting anything out the door and breaking the inertia. Quicksend is not my main focus at the moment. However, I’d be very interested in any feedback. If you find the app useful - or not - please let me know here or via Thanks!


Quicksend is free software and the source code is available on GitHub.

The app should be up on the Mac App Store soon. I will update the post once it’s approved. Until then, use the repository’s Releases area to find the latest binary ready to download and run.

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